Inspiring Artists who have Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a spectrum of life-long conditions that are characterised by difficulties in areas such as social interactions, communication and imagination. In addition, it has been found that over 70% of poeple with ASD also have mental health problems. Taken altogether, these challenges can make day to day living daunting to those who are diagnosed with the condition. However, there are a lot of people with ASD who have found a way to flourish and not let their diagnosis bring them down. I have previously featured Dr. Temple Grandin, Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri and Paralympic gold medalist Jessica-Jane Applegate.

This post features four people with Autism who have extraordinary talents for painting and drawing. The stories of these artists have inspired many, including myself, to pursue life-long goals no matter what the challenges are.


Stephen Wiltshire has been diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. The Human Camera, as he is now known, communicated through his drawings early in his life. He has been awarded with an MBE and is now a hugely successful artist. Some of his famous works are incredibly detailed panoramic drawings of famous cities around the world.

Stephen’s drawing of Manhattan:


Richard is a British artist who was considered a Savant by many. Just like Stephen Wiltschire, Richard did not speak for the majority of his early childhood. He is known for his detailed wax-crayon-drawings such as the one below.


Maria is a Greek Autism advocate who has been the artist of greeting cards of the Autism Society of America in 2007-2009.


Ping Lian Yeak is a young boy from Malaysia who copes with the pressures and challenges of daily life through painting and drawing.


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